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FEDERA Foundation for Women and Family Planning

FEDERA Foundation for Women and Family Planning (formerly the Federation) is a non-governmental organization operating since 1991, fighting for reproductive justice.

FEDERA's mission is advocating for basic human rights, especially the right of women to decide freely whether and when to have children. In FEDERA’s opinion, the possibility to enjoy this right is for women a condition of self-determination, as well as the condition of equalizing the life opportunities of women and men. They are fulfilling our mission through:

  • Providing assistance to women in access to legal abortion in Polish hospitals and providing information on access to abortion care abroad and medical abortion,
  • Intervening in cases of women being refused access to medical services in the field of reproductive health,
  • Providing expert advice via helplines in individual queries addressed by persons in need of access to SRH services,
  • Initiating and supporting activities focusing on women’s right to conscious motherhood,
  • Monitoring the state of reproductive rights,
  • Preparing reports on women’s health and reproductive rights,
  • Promoting knowledge about reproductive health,
  • Advocating for the access to adequate quality of reproductive and sexual health services,
  • Advocating for the liberalization and decriminalization of access to abortion,
  • Promoting knowledge about international mechanisms of human rights protection,
  • Applying to international human rights institutions with the aim of improving the state of human rights observance in Poland, including the right to health,
  • Media campaigns.

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