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Our Programmes

IPPF European Network is breaking down barriers to sexual and reproductive freedom, helping to ensure that all people can lead safe and dignified reproductive lives.

Countdown 2030 Europe

IPPF European Network is lead partner of Countdown 2030 Europe, a Consortium of 15 European NGOs working to ensure advancement of human rights and investment in family planning. Since 2004, the Consortium has established itself as Europe’s leading collective voice on the importance of addressing the global unmet need for family planning. 

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The European Week of Action for Girls (EWAG) is an annual event organised by a coalition of Civil Society Organisations, including IPPF EN, to mark the International Day of the Girl. Since 2012, EWAG has been pushing for the rights of girls to be better protected and championed by the EU, in particular through its external action. 

EWAG in the EP 2019

Movement Accelerator Programme

IPPF EN established its Movement Accelerator Programme (MAP) in 2019 in response to the proliferation of attacks across Europe and Central Asia over many years on gender, equality and women’s rights. The EN MAP focuses on strengthening the strategic communication and mobilisation capacities of organisations and social movements in several European countries.

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Protecting EU values and rights

IPPF EN, together with member associations and partners, is working to progress towards a more gender equal world where people in all their diversity are released from harmful gender norms and fully empowered to make decisions over their lives and bodies.

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Sharing Innovations

YSAFE, IPPF EN’s youth network, created the project “Sharing Innovations” as a response to the Covid-19 lockdowns and the impact they had on the delivery of relationship and sexuality education (RSE). It is an Erasmus+ project aiming to improve access to sexuality education online.

Youth Europe

Youth SpectActors

The Youth SpectActors project, implemented in Serbia, Romania, Latvia and Estonia, addresses the root causes of gender-based violence (GBV), namely traditional patriarchal systems based on harmful and rigid gender norms around masculinity and femininity, gender-based discrimination and unequal power relations.

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Youth Voices, Youth Choices

Youth Voices, Youth Choices is a project dedicated to learning from the COVID-19 experience in the Western Balkans to ensure sexual and reproductive health services and information become more accessible and youth-friendly in the long term, especially for marginalised groups. 

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