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Central Asia

Who We Serve

IPPF EN cares for all women, men, children, and young people across Europe and recognises their right to lead safe and dignified reproductive lives, free from harm and discrimination.

Championing Youth Rights

Young people are at the heart of our work. We fight with them and for them, recognising their potential as educators, activists and advocates, and helping to ensure that no young person is neglected. In Europe today, there are 90 million young people. They have the potential to drive change to build a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable world. 

Youth Europe

Pushing Women's and Girls' Rights to the Heart of the European Agenda

Our Regional Office in Brussels, together with our member associations, engages with the EU and its Member States to ensure that together they are a progressive voice on sexual and reproductive health and rights in development cooperation and humanitarian aid policies.


Fighting for Reproductive Freedom and Access to Care

We believe that everyone has the right to lead a free reproductive life. Our mission is to ensure that women, couples and young people are free from reproductive bullying and interference, and can make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. 

Central Asia

Reaching those whose need is greatest

Millions of women, girls and young people across the region are neglected and abandoned by governments and societies. This is particularly the case for those living in poverty or impacted by humanitarian crises, disability, gender-based violence or HIV. The failure of governments to ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive care has far-reaching consequences for individual rights, health and well-being, as well as economic development. 

UK Youth