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New European Parliament must uphold and advance sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender equality

As we wait for the political landscape of the new EP to come fully into focus after the EU elections, IPPF EN is determined to remind MEPs of their proud legacy as champions of human rights.

As we wait for the political landscape of the new European Parliament to come fully into focus after the weekend’s European elections, IPPF EN is concerned about the impact of gains made by the far right, especially in some countries. An increase in the influence of the far right always threatens reproductive rights and gender equality. However, we are encouraged that the traditional grand coalition of centre-right, socialist and liberal parties will still maintain a majority. IPPF EN is determined to remind new and returning Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) of their institution’s proud, longstanding legacy as a champion of human rights, and their responsibility to uphold them.

Over the coming weeks, the newly composed European Parliament will organise itself into working Committees and gear up for its important first job of vetting the incoming team of European Commissioners. These are early opportunities for MEPs to ensure strong positioning of human rights, gender equality, and sexual and reproductive health and rights, in institutional structures for the coming five years.

As the new European Parliament begins work, IPPF EN is committed to urging and supporting it to continue to protect and advance the founding EU values of democracy, freedom, rule of law, human dignity, equality, and human rights. It must do this at home and abroad, using all political and funding instruments at the disposal of the EU institutions.

We will call on MEPs to remain staunch guardians of precious civic space and to ensure the protection of all human rights defenders.

IPPF EN stands ready to work together with the European Parliament to build and uphold an EU that strives to ensure all people, including those from marginalised communities, can live and achieve their full potential, free from discrimination, injustice and inequality.

In these turbulent times, the challenges to EU values are considerable. But we are convinced that the EU can, and must, continue to safeguard and advance women’s rights, gender equality and social justice. The European Parliament remains a vital actor and partner in achieving this.

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