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All of Us manifesto

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Together against the backlash on reproductive rights

We are proud to join more than 100 MEPs, activists and NGOs in calling on the EU and its Member States to resist reproductive coercion in Europe and ensure free and safe lives for all. Find out more a...

IPPF EN is proud to be among more than 100 signatories (mostly Members of the European Parliament) of the All of Us manifesto urging the EU and Member States to ensure reproductive freedom. 

All of US is the European Parliament's pro-choice network, mobilizing support for the right to access modern contraception and safe and legal abortion.

The manifesto reads as follows:


"The cross-party ALL of US coalition in the European Parliament commits to and urges the EU and Member States to ensure women’s reproductive health and rights, including the right to decide over their own bodies and sexuality, so that women can live freely and enjoy safe reproductive lives.

To that end, we call on the EU and Member States to:

  • Firmly denounce and oppose regressive and repressive discourse, laws and policies that undermine gender equality and women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, and strongly condemn retrograde measures that have no place in a democratic 21st century Europe;
  • Invest resources in and prioritize the delivery of far-reaching initiatives to change harmful social norms, to defend women’s dignity and autonomy and to combat all gender-based violence;
  • Provide strong political and financial support to women’s rights groups and human rights defenders, particularly those working in challenging contexts within the EU and across the globe;
  • Proactively support women's rights worldwide and significantly increase EU development funding for sexual and reproductive health and rights in particular for access to family planning and safe and legal abortion without discrimination, with a view to reducing the financing gap left by the United States in this area.

We urge the EU Member States to ensure women’s access to safe abortion care, to provide the best possible reproductive health care to all women and to protect all its citizens from coercion and illtreatment.

The ALL of US coalition will continue its work in the European Parliament and beyond to mobilise support for women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights within and outside the EU and will not be hampered by regressive propaganda."





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