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Abortion France

Fighting for Reproductive Freedom and Access to Care

We believe that everyone has the right to lead a free reproductive life. Our mission is to ensure that women, couples and young people are free from reproductive bullying and interference, and can make informed choices about their sexual and reproductive health. This means they need to have full access to modern contraception, to abortion care if they decide not to move through a full pregnancy, and to have help with having children when they need it.

Far too many barriers to accessing essential care still exist. We work to break these down by eradicating legal obstacles through our advocacy work; helping to ensure high quality care is accessible to all; and empowering vulnerable people to stand up for their sexual and reproductive rights.

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Abortion France

Attempts to reduce or undermine women’s reproductive safety and care have significantly increased in recent years in Europe and Central Asia and these have been further emboldened by the expansion of ultra-right-wing movements. This, combined with widespread inequality in the region, means access to modern contraception, abortion and fertility care becomes increasingly a privilege for the few. Women, girls and young people, especially those from socially excluded populations, bear the brunt. IPPF EN and our members hold firm against those who would push Europe backwards. We continually work with governments and service providers to ensure that women, couples and families have access to quality reproductive care and are free to decide upon the most vital areas of their lives, including if and when they want children.

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