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IPPF's Policy Handbook, updated in November 2022.

The IPPF Policy Handbook, updated in November 2022, is available for download here, in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

Each of the policies in the IPPF Policy Handbook represent a course of action adopted by the Board of Trustees (previously Central Council) after appropriate consideration of the issues involved.

IPPF policies are intended to provide guidance to the whole Federation on a particular subject in order to assist future action by volunteers or staff.

IPPF policies should reveal the values and internationally accepted principles-of-best practice that IPPF wishes to bring to bear on an issue.

IPPF policies are formulated in more general terms than a detailed programme of action and as such are not time-bound in the same way. IPPF policies should be expected to have a life expectancy of at least five years but all policies need to be periodically monitored by volunteers and staff to ensure their continued relevance.

IPPF policies sometimes require separate specific detailed procedures which although not part of the policy statement may be necessary to ensure implementation. These procedures can be revised by the IPPF Director-General as requested and must remain consistent with the policy.

All IPPF volunteers and staff should have access to an up-to-date list of IPPF’s policies.

Responsibility for coordinating the drafting of IPPF policies and ensuring an up-to-date list of policies in the IPPF Policy Handbook lies with the Policy and Governance Unit in IPPF Central Office, London.