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How MEPs can advance sexual and reproductive freedom

The European Parliament has a longstanding legacy as the EU institutions' strongest defender of sexual and reproductive health and rights, and it is vital that MEPs continue this tradition. Here's how.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) encompass all rights related to sexuality and parenthood. When SRHR are realised, people are free and able to decide if, when and with whom to have sex; they have safe, healthy, consensual, pleasurable relationships; they have the means to decide whether and when to become pregnant, continue a pregnancy, become parents, and have the number of children they want; free from discrimination, coercion and violence.

SRHR are human rights, and essential to leading a free, safe and healthy life. But they are far from universally accessible. Throughout the world, and even within Europe, access to abortion and other reproductive rights varies greatly, and is subject to a broad range of restrictions. Access to care is even harder for populations who suffer from systemic and intersecting discrimination and inequalities.

The rise of ultra-conservative, illiberal political actors and movements poses a direct threat to gender equality, women’s and LGBTIQ+ rights. SRHR are often the first rights to be attacked by authoritarian, coercive, misogynistic forces, who not only restrict reproductive rights such as abortion, but also attack the civil society organisations and (women) human rights defenders who stand up for them.

The European Parliament has a longstanding legacy as the EU institutions' strongest defender of SRHR, and it is vital that it continues to uphold and advance them in the new legislative term. 

As an MEP, you can take many actions in a wide range of policy areas of EU competences, to advance SRHR in the next five years. Find out more in our new factsheet. We count on your support!


Advance sexual and reproductive freedom as an MEP!