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New Results Based Management (RBM) e-toolkit

Enhance your project management with IPPF EN’s Results Based Management (RBM) e-toolkit - Now available on the IPPF Academy!

About the RBM e-toolkit

It is a digital resource for interactive learning and practice that can improve your project design and implementation journey. It can be used both online and offline, making it accessible to everyone.

The e-toolkit is designed to help beginners and intermediate level RBM knowledge holders. And it can be used by any staff and interns within the IPPF Secretariat, Member Associations and Collaborative Partners, interested in developing their understanding and skills in project design and management. 

The online version of the e-toolkit can be accessed via the IPPF Academy Platform (M&E Section) - Course: RBM E-toolkit (ippf.org).

What to expect

Each module is a short lesson, with a maximum duration of 30 minutes, focused on key concepts, practical steps, and tools to be used during the project design stage. Practice worksheets are downloadable for direct use in your organization. 

The current first iteration of the e-toolkit is focused on project design and planning. You can find guidance on how to develop a Project Theory of Change, following a given set of steps such as:

  • problem identification and formulation;
  • context analysis (using the PEA approach/ Political Economy Analysis);
  • stakeholder analysis (using Power Analysis tools);
  • problem analysis and diagraming (using Problem Tree, 5 Whys and Rich Picture methods);
  • solutions and pathway for change identification and diagraming;
  • assumption identification within pathways for change;
  • The theory of change narrative and visualization.

In 2024, the second iteration will also include guidance on how to develop an M&E Framework and Plan; and how to prepare for M&E Implementation during a project’s lifetime.

If you are required by your organization to lead or take part in a project design or proposal development process, then the RBM e-toolkit is the right tool for you.

The e-toolkit will help you design effective projects that deliver measurable results and ultimately make a positive impact on the communities you serve.

So, go to the IPPF Academy and start your learning and practice journey. If you do not yet have an account for the IPPF Academy Platform, contact Anemarie Gasser at [email protected] for support.


Illustration by Bibi Sakata



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