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A Youth-Centred Approach

The Youth-Centred Approach (YCA) is about enabling young people to take part in decision-making spaces within our Federation.

IPPF European Network has developed a YCA toolkit with the aim of improving the confidence and capacity of young people and adults to implement, upgrade and expand youth participation in our members. But the principles of the approach could be applied in other organizations outside IPPF who want to involve more youth voices in their work.

The toolkit was developed during YCA coaching initiatives with IPPF members. As a result:

  • Members redesigned youth policies, strategies and practices
  • Youth groups were revived, and the number of young volunteers increased
  • Youth became more involved in decision-making within our member associations
  • Youth-friendly working spaces were set up
  • Working relations between youth and members were strengthened
  • Best practices were exchanged between members



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Young People

YCA Toolkit in English

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YCA Toolkit in Russian

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The Youth Centred Approach was not just another project; it was the main project. This was not an additional task; this was an opportunity to learn how to coordinate all youth activities, something that helps me do my job better. Staff member, youth coordinator

Since the YCA training, there was a significant improvement in the way our Youth Group is perceived. For me, the turning point was when we planned a meeting with our national Board and four members of the Youth Group to discuss how we perceived each other and how to better work together in the future. We had the possibility to confront our visions and plan together. Youth volunteer