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What you need to know about Spain's reform of the SRHR law

Spain recently introduced progressive new laws that better the lives of its citizens. Check out what the changes entail.

Spain has introduced new legislation allowing gender self-determination, banning conversion therapy, introducing menstrual leave and easing abortion limits.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Anyone aged 16+ can change their gender on official documents without medical supervision
  • Conversion therapy, in any form, intended to change a person's sexual orientation or identity or gender expression is banned
  • New abortion legislation makes it easier for women to access medical or surgical abortions in public hospitals and clinics 
  • Arbitrary and medically unnecessary three-day waiting period before accessing abortion care is suppressed 
  • Denial of abortion care based on personal beliefs will now become more transparent due to a new registry that takes stock of medical professionals in the public health system who refuse to perform abortions
  • The previous requirement for women aged 16 and 17 to obtain parental consent for abortions is scrapped, along with the 3-day period of reflection and the obligation to provide information on maternity benefits for those seeking abortion care
  • Up to 5 days of menstrual leave for people with painful periods - thus Spain becomes the first country in Europe to introduce menstrual leave
  • Provision of free sanitary products in schools, prisons and women’s centers and free hormonal contraceptives and the morning after pill at state-run health centers
  • Paid leave before childbirth additional to the maternity leave, from the 39th week until the moment of birth
  • Compulsory comprehensive sexual education at all stages of education, reinforcing previous regulations.

The bill on sexual and reproductive health and abortion care recognizes rights that were already in the 2010 Spanish law and had subsequently been restricted, and includes new measures that entail the normalization of important aspects of sexual and reproductive health.





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This new legislation is the result of determined efforts from feminist movements and health professionals. It is also in line with public opinion in Spain: abortion is healthcare. We welcome these progressive changes and stand ready to ensure it is applied and will materialize in national strategies and in the allocation of resources, said Filomena Ruggiero from SEDRA.

We welcome these positive changes as they lift arbitrary and harmful barriers to care and bring women, in all their diversity, closer to reproductive freedom and safety. While of course improvements could be made, it remains a big step forward and an example for other countries to follow.


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