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Working with the Roma community and local actors for reproductive freedom

Explore our new microsite where you will find a quick overview of My Body, My Rights, together with highlights of our work, recommendations to decision-makers and resources for further reading.

In the Balkans, IPPF members are working hand-in-hand with diverse networks of actors from within and around Roma communities. This work was shaped as the My Body, My Rights project.

Our common goal is to strengthen girls’ lifelong reproductive freedom and tackle some of the deep-rooted, systemic obstacles that prevent people - especially women and youth - from living safer and healthier lives.

How? By increasing access to care, creating supporting contexts for choice and advocating for investment.

Our work is community-driven and based on fostering local partnerships. At the heart of this collective action are Roma volunteers, girls and boys, health mediators and local NGOs, leading grassroots change and advocating for their own unique communities. Doctors, community nurses and teachers are working with them to help deliver lasting impact. And some decision-makers are stepping up and beginning to make much-needed investments in more equitable access to reproductive healthcare.

We are proud to share highlights of our work, recommendations to decision-makers and resources for further reading.

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Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia


Contraception, Comprehensive Sex Education

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